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Much/many Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
1. How ______ people are you expecting?
2. How ______ money do you want for this?
3. I don't see ______ point in continuing. We're all very tired.
4. Thank you so ______ for your help.
5. We don't stock these. We don't get ______ demand for them.
6. I feel ______ better today, thank you.
7. I like that dress very ______ .
8. There are so ______ things I want to ask you.
9. There are too ______ paintings to see in one visit.
10. I'm talking too ______ . I'll be quiet.
11. I've got so ______ news to tell you.
12. Do you have ______ work to do?
13. Thank you very ______ for coming.
14. It looks good but so ______ things could still go wrong.
15. I don't have ______ friends.
16. Please be quick. I don't have ______ time to spare.
17. It's been a poor summer. We haven't had ______ good weather.
18. There haven't been ______ sunny days.
19. Happy birthday. ______ happy returns!
20. I don't know ______ about English but I am learning fast.
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