Choose the correct answer for each question.

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Present forms

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1 Eric Tincanta is a great footballer. He is at a rock concert. He ______ football but he ______ to music tonight.
plays / listens
is playing / is listening
is playing / listens
plays / is listening

2 I love whisky but I have a bottle of Coca Cola in my hand. I ______ a lot of whisky but right now I ______ a Coke.
drink / drink
am drinking / am drinking
drink / am drinking
am drinking / drink

3 I work in an office from 9 to 5. I ______ in my office at the moment, I ______ in a bar!
am not working / am sitting
don't work / sit
don't work / am sitting
am not working / sit

4 I'm in the bank. I ______ in the bank, I ______ some money.
am not working / am getting out
do not work / get out
do not work / am getting out
am not getting / get out

5 That man has got a copy of the Times in his coat pocket. He obviously ______ the Times, not the Sun.
is reading
doesn't read

6 What newspaper ______ ? I never ______ a paper.
do you read / buy
are you reading / buy
are you reading / am buying
do you read / am buying

7 How ______ to work? I usually ______ the bus.
are you coming / am taking
are you coming / take
do you come / take
do you come / am taking

8 Fred is in the theatre. The actors are on the stage. He ______ the play. He ______ it very much.
watches / likes
is watching / likes
watches / is liking
is watching / is liking

9 Pavarotten, the opera singer, is on the stage at the London Opera. The audience is not happy. He ______ badly. They ______ abuse at him.
sings / shout
sings / are shouting
is singing / are shouting
is singing / shout

10 Golf is my favourite sport. I ______ it at my local golf club but today I can't because I ______ .
play / work
am playing / work
play / am working
am playing / am working

11 Harry ______ in a factory but this afternoon he ______ football.
works / plays
is working / plays
works / is playing
is working / is playing

12 Simon ______ golf really well today but he usually ______ badly.
plays / plays
plays/ is playing
is playing/ plays
is playing / is playing

13 Look at Elizabeth. She ______ in the corner, ______ to herself. I wonder what is wrong.
stands / talks
stands / talking
is standing / talks
is standing / talking

14 Could you phone me back later? I ______ an interesting programme on television and I ______ to see the rest of it.
watch / want
am watching / want
watch / am wanting
am watching / am wanting

15 John will be here soon. He ______ his lunch. He always ______ a long time to eat his lunch!
has / takes
has / is taking
is having / takes
is having / is taking

16 Look at how fast John ______ . I never ______ as fast as that, it's dangerous.
drives / drive
drives / am driving
is driving / drive
is driving / am driving

17 What ______ ? I ______ my homework.
do you do / do
do you do / am doing
are you doing / do
are you doing / am doing

18 I often ______ to bed late but I never ______ before 8.00!
go / get up
go / am getting up
am going / get up
am going / am getting up

19 What's your job? I ______ in a car factory. What ______ ?
work / do you do
am working / do you do
work / are you doing
am working / are you doing

20 I ______ to watch the basketball on television. I ______ basketball.
want / love
am wanting / love
want / am loving
am wanting / am loving