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Some/any Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
1. Would you like ______ cake?
2. I'd like ______ more, if there is any.
3. Do you have ______ more cigarettes?
4. I don't mind which one I have. I'll be happy with ______ .
5. I don't want them. I don't like ______ of them.
6. I don't like ______ of them but others are OK.
7. Do you know ______ who lives in York?
8. I think I know ______ who lives there but I'll have to check in my address book.
9. I don't trust him. There's ______ strange about him.
10. We don't know ______ about him.
11. I put my glasses down ______ and now I cannot find them.
12. I have no idea where they are. They could be ______ .
13. I have three sets of car keys and I can't find ______ of them.
14. I don't need ______ help. I'm fine.
15. The phone hasn't rung all morning. I haven't spoken to ______ .
16. ______ tried to call you earlier but she didn't want to leave a message.
17. I'm a big fan of Richard Thompson's music but I don't like ______ of the songs he has written.
18. I also like Elvis Costello. I would happily listen to ______ of his songs right now.
19. I don't like the Spice Girls. I don't like ______ of their songs.
20. I hate doing these English Lessons. ______ fool can see that they are not very well written.
Your score is