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Computers Matching exercise
Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
You need to connect ______ your modem to the telephone line.
You need to log ______ before you can start using it.
After you finish, you need to log ______ .
There was a fire and they had to shut ______ the main computer.
It takes ages for my computer to boot ______ in the morning. I turn it on and go off for a coffee.
I need to key this data ______ the database.
All you have to do is to type ______ in your name and address.
You need to back ______ your important files.
We'll have to wait whilst the computer powers ______ . Then we can start.
I'll print ______ the relevant information.
Remember to switch this ______ when you are not using it to save power.
You need to switch it ______ using this button before you can use it.
They were able to hack ______ Microsoft's system and steal the passwords.
We cannot access the file. The computer has gone ______ .
It's not enough to just delete the information. It is still there and can be recovered. You need to wipe it ______ with a special program.
Your score is