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Money - that's what I want This exercise is based on the language presented on page 449 of The Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms"

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
Over the years I've been saving and I've put away a tidy little nest ______ .
It cost me more money to get here today than what I earned. I'm out of ______ on this.
He's very rich, absolutely rolling in ______ .
I need to cut down on what I spend, tighten my ______ .
Be careful with your money. Money doesn't grow on ______ .
We didn't make a profit but at least we broke ______ .
He gets a very substantial salary. He's got ______ to burn.
He's very poor. He doesn't have two ______ to rub together.
I don't earn much but enough to keep body and ______ together.
He invested heavily in the share just before it went up by 50%. He made an absolute ______ .
We can afford it. It won't break the ______.
My bank manager is angry with me because I am in the ______ .
He's hoping that his web site will attract a lot of customers and he will strike it ______ .
My new pocket PC was very expensive. It cost an arm and a ______ .
I only just earn enough to live on. I live from hand to ______ .
A penny saved is a ______ earned.
Don't put everything into your savings account. You need to keep some ready ______ .
I didn't pay by cheque or card. I paid for it in hard ______ .
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