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Power and Authority This exercise is based on the language presented on page 450 of Cambridge International Dictionary of Idioms

Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
Harry is the big boss. He's the person that runs the ______
I wouldn't upset him. He has friends in high ______ .
He's so full of himself. He's much too big for his ______ .
You have to listen to what I say. I'm the person that calls the ______ .
He thinks he is an important person. He has delusions of ______ .
He's always licking Harry's ______ .
I'm not prepared to bow and ______ to my boss to get promotion.
It's about time we flexed our ______ a bit and showed them exactly how powerful we are.
It's not for them to decide what is done. It's up to us to set the ______ .
She'll do what I want. I've got her in the ______ of my hand.
Before we do anything about this, I need to clear our actions with the ______ that be .
Be careful what you say to him. He has ______ in high places.
He thinks he is much more important than he really is. He has ______ of grandeur.
I think we have the upper ______ in this discussion.
Who is the big ______ around here?
We need to convince the movers and the ______ in each company.
There's no need to throw your ______ around like that.
He has a lot of power. He's one of the ______ and shakers around here.
She has him wrapped around her little ______ .
She has him in the palm of her ______ .
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