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Travel Matching exercise
Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
I need to get ______ for a few days. I need a change of air.
There was a terrific bump as the plane touched ______ .
There isn't a direct flight to Las Vegas so I'm going to stop ______ in Chicago for one night.
He's not here. He's gone ______ away for a few days.
I'm flying to Australia but stopping ______ for a few days in Singapore en route.
The plane is not going to get ______ until 2.00 in the morning. We may as well go away and come back later.
I plan to set ______ early to avoid the traffic.
I've booked us ______ to the airport hotel. We'll be too tired to drive any further.
I need to check ______ of my hotel before 11.00 so I'll bring my bags with me to the meeting.
I'll just check ______ to the hotel and then we'll go straight off and get something to eat.
We'll come to the airport and see you ______ .
There isn't a direct flight. We have to lay ______ in Los Angeles and Tokyo.
It leaves at 6.00 local time but I don't know what time it gets ______ to Los Angeles.
You need to check ______ at least one hour before departure time.
Next time you are flying to Europe, try to stop ______ for a few days in Lyon and I'll show you the sights.
I've had enough of this place. I need to get ______ by myself for a bit.
Do you think this bag is too big for hand luggage? Do I need to check it ______ ?
Let's hang around and see the plane take ______ .
I need to go ______ more trips.
I need to get ______ the office more.
Your score is