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Coll 10 Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
This should boost our ______ of getting the contract.
The report calls for a marked ______ in our procedures.
The office was in a state of utter ______ . Nobody knew what they were doing.
I think we have only an infinitesimal ______ of getting the work.
We have made a substantial donation to ______ .
The guy simply oozes ______ . Everybody loves him.
I want you to take sole ______ of the project. Everyone will report to you.
You can trust her completely. She's endowed with a dependable ______ .
There is a yawning ______ between the salary the workers want and what we are offering.
I think the strike has probably ruined our ______ of getting the order.
I've just dropped in for a friendly ______.
Do what you want. You have a blank ______ on this project.
Could you run a ______ on the procedures? I'm not sure they are working properly.
This research has proved to be a wild-goose ______ .
That's a serious ______ you are making. I hope you can substantiate it.
You should accept the job offer. A ______ like that won't come again.
Please don't be alarmed, sir. This is just a routine ______ . We often stop people like this.
I'm afraid his ______ bounced.
As the service was poor, they agreed to waive the service ______ .
I think I've got a fighting ______ of getting the job.
Your score is