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Coll 11 Matching exercise
Find the missing word.
I don't like either of the alternatives. We're faced with an awkward ______ .
When we found out the product was dangerous we had to remove it from ______ as quickly as possible.
Things have changed. We will have to adapt ourselves to the new ______ .
The majority of people are decent, law-abiding ______ .
She put forward a tenuous ______ for compensation which did not stand up to examination.
You did very well in adverse ______ .
I agree you are entitled to compensation for your treatment but this is really an exaggerated ______ .
I had to do what I did by force of ______.
I think he has a legitimate ______ to be the inventor of this process.
He's living in precarious ______ .
He's the sort of boring speaker that uses lots of well-worn ______ .
He spent the winter in the north of Norway and had problems coping with the inhospitable ______ .
If you carry on like this, it's going to end in a head-on ______ with Sarah. I'd advise you to back off a bit.
I wish we could start again but there is no way to put the ______ back.
He didn't do it voluntarily. He gave way to ______ .
I don't like you and I'm sure the feeling is mutual but we need to aim for peaceful ______ or we'll both lose our jobs.
The fact we were there at the same time was pure ______ .
I'm sure we would benefit from ______ between our companies.
The downturn in the market brought about the ______ of the company.
He has acquired quite an impressive ______ of first editions.
Your score is