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Coll 12 Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
Our product is available in a range of ______ .
I derived great ______ from your messages about my mother's death. Thank you all.
I've put up the project on our Web site and I would like to invite ______ from all of you.
We produced a series of hard-hitting, award-winning ______ . They ran for several months in the States.
I'm not sure I can find the words of ______ necessary to help you at this difficult moment.
Once you've entered into a ______ with us, you cannot back out.
Potential candidates will appear before a ______ and will have to make a short presentation.
There seems to have been a breakdown in ______ .
The people in this area form a close-knit ______ .
The boss wants me to serve on the canteen ______ . What a waste of time!
Joining the Better English associates makes you part of a worldwide ______ .
I've entered into ______ with several possible suppliers.
I'm not prepared to make a firm ______ at this point.
The directors' salaries are decided by an advisory ______ .
He's an amusing ______ to have lunch with.
I tell my daughter to stay away from unsuitable ______ . But she takes no notice.
She's not his wife exactly, she's his constant ______, as they say.
The finance ______ has studied the problem and has reported back to the main Board.
There must be some way to speed up internal ______ . Information travels so slowly between us.
It was a terrible dinner party. I found myself in the most boring ______ . All English teachers!
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