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Coll 13 Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
I heard that their ______ had run into difficulties.
We need to draw a ______ with last year.
We need to make a show of ______ . We must show that we care.
They are a typical multi-national ______ .
He was given the sack but got a large ______ package.
We are up against severe ______ for this contract.
It's taking them a long time to deal with my ______ . I'm not very happy.
Our ability to react quickly is a key ______ of our success.
I think it was intended as a back-handed ______ .
We face cut-throat ______ in this market.
If you release us from this contract, we will offer you full, fair and generous ______ .
I'm afraid his ______ went into liquidation.
We've had a flood of ______ about this decision.
Please accept this champagne with the ______ of the house.
You are always fishing for ______ !
We are meeting stiff ______ in this market.
A customer has lodged a serious ______ and I want you to investigate it immediately.
We were outbid by a rival ______ .
I think we should pay a ______ to Sheila for organising such a successful conference.
His determination is a vital ______ of his management style.
Your score is