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Coll 14 Matching exercise
What is the missing word?
We disagree over the terms and conditions. We are going to have to reach an acceptable ______ .
He's driven by an inner ______ to succeeed.
I cannot find you that information. Our ______ is down.
This work demands total ______ so we must have absolute silence.
After several hours of hard negotiations we arrived at a fair ______ .
The project didn't work and so we abandoned the ______ entirely.
Head Office has expressed ______ about what is happening here.
This approach is a revolutionary ______ . Nothing like it has been tried before.
My mind is always wandering. I need to improve my ______ .
I'm afraid our ______ has crashed and we are unable to help.
For me, this is a brand-new ______ and I'll need time to think about it.
The MD has voiced ______ over the mounting costs of this project.
I have this overwhelming ______ to eat chocolate.
Negotiations are deadlocked. I think we need to make a ______ or two.
I think we have already extracted a sizeable ______ from them.
I think we need to question the whole ______ of producing in Western Europe.
______ is mounting over the fate of the hostages.
They managed to hack into our ______ and steal our passwords.
Keep control of yourself. Don't give way to any strong ______ to argue with him. It's not worth it.
We are staging an open-air charity ______ in support of the homeless.
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