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Coll15 Matching exercise
What is the missing word?
I'm pleased to say that events have reached a happy ______ and that we have won the contract.
Their actions met with universal ______ . Nobody agreed with what they had done.
Simon is very ill. His ______ has deteriorated overnight and is now critical.
The unions are complaining about some of the terms and ______ of our proposed new contract.
If you continue to fail to do what I ask you to do, I will be drawn to the ______ that you no longer wish to work here!
This warehouse is in dreadful ______ . We need to improve it urgently.
When John and Harry started fighting, it brought the meeting to an abrupt ______ .
I don't approve of your appalling ______ . That was no way to behave.
I cannot escape the ______ that you have lost interest in your job.
The factory is on the edge of the desert and they work in very hot and difficult ______ .
I'd like you to wind up the ______ . You are such a good speaker.
The committee came to the astonishing ______ that the project should be scrapped.
We need to find a way to boost his ______ .He's so unsure of himself.
As the audience began to talk among themselves my ______ ebbed away and my presentation got worse and worse.
The negotiations are going well and I anticipate a speedy ______ .
We need to stipulate the ______ we want to be included in the contract.
I don't understand the motives behind his ______ . Why would he act so stupidly?
I'm afraid the result was a foregone ______
He keeps his car in first-class ______ . He spends loads of money on it.
He denied it at first but eventually we were able to beat a ______ out of him. Not literally, of course!
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