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Collocations 6 Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
1. I don't see any point in continuing to compete in the Japanese market. We're fighting a losing ______ .
2. I need to get away from everything and lie back and relax on an unspoilt ______ somewhere.
3. I'm appalled by your callous ______ . That is no way for a responsible company to act.
4. He continues to cling to the ______ that he can do everything. But he really needs to delegate.
5. I'm happy to say that we have derived considerable ______ from working with your company.
6. They show a deep-rooted ______ against buying foreign products.
7. Their claim really stretches the bounds of ______ . I'm sure it's false.
8. Cleaning up the pollution will be expensive. Who is going to foot the ______ ?
9. The strike last year created great ______ between the strikers and the non-strikers.
10. The public inquiry absolved my company from any ______ .
11. When it exploded I got caught in the ______ and was thrown 50 feet.
12. It took me a while to get over such a devastating ______ .
13. When I was made redundant I was given a big cheque to soften the ______ .
14. I think we have committed a monumental ______ here. How can we put it right?
15. somebody is going to have to shoulder the ______ for what has gone wrong.
16. I'm going to a ______ concert in aid of the flood victims in Africa.
17. I'm phoning up concerning your outstanding ______ . When can you settle it?
18. He hasn't worked in years and now lives on unemployment ______ .
19. She has a deep-rooted ______ in her own ability.
20. When the boss comes, I want you all to be on your best ______ . No fooling around.
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