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Collocations 7 Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
I have to go to Head Office to attend a ______ meeting. It's very important.
The matter is very serious. We need to refer it to our advisory ______ for consideration
Working together under such pressure created a strong ______ between the team. They became very close.
I'm afraid that that thought-provoking ______ is out of print.
The tax authorities are going through the ______ with a fine tooth comb.
Economists are forecasting an economic ______ .
There must be something I can do to relieve the excrutiating ______ of this job.
I've been taxing my ______ about this but haven't come up with a solution.
The customers have great ______ loyalty. They won't buy anything else.
The argument led to a total ______ in the negotiations.
We have achieved a significant scientific ______
We await the news with bated ______ .
The negotiations are teetering on the ______ of total collapse.
I'm afraid our expenditure has gone over the annual ______ .
I don't know how they can work in such a crumbling ______ . They need to spend more money on the up-keep or knock it down.
If you take on this job, you'll be assuming a heavy ______ .
We should try to cut down some of this cumbersome ______ .
This is an expanding ______ . It is really flourishing.
It's time we got down to ______ .
We need to drum up some new ______ . Sales are going down
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