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Coll 8 Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
We made a rough ______ but it turned out to be very wide of the mark.
You'll have to phone me after work. We're not allowed to take a personal ______ during office hours.
It's so quiet there. Nothing seems to disturb the perfect ______ .
He was stealing from the factory but we caught him on ______ and had the evidence to sack him.
The next time you are in Denver, you must pay me a ______ .
He fought an energetic ______ for the Presidency but lost.
He's not done a very good job and people are casting doubt about his ______ .
The factory is operating at maximum ______ .
I want you to lavish tender loving ______ on this project. It must succeed.
I'm not sure you'll win this boardroom battle. Tom is a shrewd and experienced ______ .
I feel great. I don't have a ______ in the world.
She made an emotional and rousing ______ to the workers to take strike action.
This research is very delicate and calls for special ______ .
I'd like to carve out a ______ in the music business but it's very hard.
Although I've had a long and successful ______ , it has had its ups and downs.
Tom has written off his sports ______ .
She is endowed with a great ______ for hard work.
They've accumulated a large amount of ______ and I think they are planning to take us over.
You must understand that I am only acting in an advisory ______ . The final decision is yours.
His ______ is really vulgar and flashy. Typical of a teacher.
Your score is