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Coll 9 Matching exercise
What word do you need to complete the sentence?
He argued the ______ for retaining the factory with great conviction.
I'll see if we have that much money in our petty______ .
I hope you have received our new spring ______ . There are quite a few new product lines.
We seem to be heading for a ______ . We need to take urgent action.
What we are dealing with here is an unusual and complicated ______ .
I think the overriding ______ of Longbridge's difficulties was a lack of investment.
We need to take a risk, throw ______ to the wind.
You will have to pay COD, ______ on delivery.
There are a lot of major problems. We are confronted with a daunting ______ .
It's a time to be careful. We need to proceed with the utmost ______ .
We need to determine the original ______ of the problems.
I'm sure two of the candidates are suitable but the other one is a borderline ______ .
What good news. This calls for a ______ .
Could you pay for this? I seem to be a bit short of ______ . I'll pay you back later.
I think there is an irrefutable ______ for closing down the plant.
We are working with our competitors as on this issue we have a common ______ .
It will be a difficult job. I hope I can rise to the ______ .
It's interesting to be alive at the turn of the ______ .
I think we need to take this to court as a test______ .
Please contribute to the Hunger Site. It's all in a good ______ .
Your score is