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English? Matching exercise
Which expression will complete the sentence?
This is a debate which could go on and on ______
Do you want to eat from the set menu or ______ ?
He was given a completely free hand. He was given ______ .
I think he is no longer sane. I'm sure he is not ______ .
He had been sent in to stir up trouble. He was an ______ .
Technically Tony is still the boss until he retires but Sarah is now the ______ boss.
The army has taken control of the country in a ______ .
Cambridge University is my ______ .
The team spirit is excellent. They have a great ______ .
Tom is really close to Robert, his ______ .
It's too nice to eat inside. Let's eat ______ .
I have found it! ______ !
He sent her a ______ , telling her how much he loved her.
I am acting in good faith. I have ______ reasons for doing this.
I made a stupid mistake saying that. It was a real ______ .
Enjoy the present day, ______ .
You really hurt his self-esteem. You damaged his ______ .
He was caught red-handed, in ______ .
The President is a member of this committee ______ .
If you want to leave, the ______ is over there.
Your score is