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Talk - Don't talk Matching exercise
Match the items on the right with the items on the left.
He says lots of stupid things in a loud voice. He's really loud-______
As the British say about someone who talks a lot, he could talk the hind-legs off a ______ .
I can't stand him. He's always shooting his ______ off about something or other.
I'm talking far too much. I've got verbal ______ .
Come around some time and we can chew the ______ , as the British say.
I think the Americans say "shoot the ______ " to mean the same.
Many Irish people I know speak really well. They seem to have the gift of the ______ .
I don't know what to say. I'm completely lost for ______ .
This must be our secret. Do not breathe a ______ .
You can trust me to keep it confidential. My lips are ______ .
Don't just stand there saying nothing. Has the cat got your ______ ?
I almost told him the news by mistake. I had to bite my ______ .
This is highly confidential. Keep your ______ shut.
Hold your ______ . Don't say another word.
When he realized that he had said too much about the confidential new project, he shut up like a ______ .
Let's have the news. Come on, out with ______ !
He told me to shut my ______ . I thought that was very rude.
He told me to ______ it. I thought that was rude too.
I won't say another word. My ______ are sealed.
You make great presentations. You really have the ______ of the gab.
Your score is